What is it about?

Concretos Espaciales is a competition that invites university students from Mexico, whose careers are related to concrete technology (Civil Engineering, Architecture, Chemistry, etc.). We are looking for young innovators who design and prepare concrete samples that achieve low permeability, mechanical strength, low environmental impact and low cost. The winners will receive the Maestro Federico López Flores Award, an in-kind prize of $75,000 MXN (seventy-five thousand Mexican pesos).

Maestro Federico López Flores Award

Named in honor of the professional career of Master of Science Federico López Flores, who is currently Director of Growth and Expansion LATAM and North America at Elements S.A. de C.V.

He is a chemist graduated from UNAM's School of Chemistry and holds a Master of Science degree from Purdue University's School of Civil Engineering.

During his career, he has contributed greatly to concrete and cement innovation by developing standards for concrete and cement quality and control. He has also been a voting member of several ACI committees, including the ACI High Strength Concrete since 1985 and the Alternative Cements committee. In addition, in recent years he has shown great interest in reducing the environmental impact of the construction industry and has been invited to workshops such as "Green Buildings and Green Growth: An Approach to Encourage a Positive Green Building Climate" in Singapore, sponsored by APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation).

Who organizes it?

This contest is a private initiative sponsored by:


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